Innovative Antifog Technology


RIA company designs, develops and manufactures in-house for over 20 years the only PERMANENT antifog technology.


Our demisting Coating offers a permanent and second to none embedded antifog function.


The RIA antifog is an absorbent coating of a few microns that acts like a sponge. It's a thermal screen which reduces the condensation phenomenon.

RIA offers outstanding self-cleaning characteristics : the coated surface with RIA will prevent the dust and grease pollution to adhere.

The product is delivered in liquid state water-based and ready for use since it is a single part product with no specific storage obligations for any dipping, flow coating and spin coating process applications.


FK100    Resistance to fogging : 30 sec (EN168.2001)

The coating (with a thickness of 5 µ) is suitable for glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, sports glasses, instruments, facial screen and helmets visors for firemen.

Technical Data Sheet


FK500    Resistance to fogging : 80 sec (EN168.2001)

The coating (with a thickness of 8 µ) is suitable for motorcycle helmet visors, ski masks, ski googles and windshields (automotive).

Technical Data Sheet


Formulas bank for all specific need.


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