Innovative Antifog Technology


RIA Antifog Technology

RIA company designs, develops and manufactures in-house for over 20 years the only PERMANENT antifog technology.





RIA coating is the only permanent coating with no periodic refurbishment and no specific maintenance procedure.

20 years application on flight instruments with performance unaffected.

The solution is free from any harmful substance. All our RIA products fulfill REACH regulation, are ROHS compliant and don't contain any 3TG. 

RIA constantly innovates and improves its products thanks to R&D to offer you the best antifog on the market. We develop antifog coatings for all the specific needs.

Our Antifog Products pass the most stringent optical Standards and we can design the antifog formula that will meet yours.


Our demisting Coating offers a permanent and second to none embedded antifog function.


The RIA antifog is an absorbent coating of a few microns that acts like a sponge. It's a thermal screen which reduces the condensation phenomenon.

RIA offers outstanding self-cleaning characteristics : the coated surface with RIA will prevent the dust and grease pollution to adhere.

The product is delivered in liquid state water-based and ready for use since it is a single part product with no specific storage obligations for any dipping, flow coating and spin coating process applications.



RIA Company stands for "Research Engineering Application" designs and produces antifog coatings

for various industries since 1996. We provide the community with knowledge and expertise with custom - base R&D and Industrial applications.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethically in all of our actions. We work with

passion : we are committed to win hearts and minds. We are moving forward, innovating, and improving.


The level of demisting performances achieved by RIA exceeds most of the Standards and outperforms any short lasting treatment.
Whether on Glass or Plastic material, RIA coating features superior light transmission properties.


Antifog coatings

FK100    Resistance to fogging : 30 sec (EN168.2001)

The coating (with a thickness of 5 µ) is suitable for glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, sports glasses, instruments, facial screen and helmets visors for firemen.

Technical Data Sheet


FK500    Resistance to fogging : 80 sec (EN168.2001)

The coating (with a thickness of 8 µ) is suitable for motorcycle helmet visors, ski masks, ski goggles and windshields (automotive).

Technical Data Sheet


Formulas bank for all specific need.







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